How we help City Government.


Technology companies are innovating at an accelerating pace and want to access city infrastructure to deliver products to citizens.  The first wave of solutions to move into cities are dockless scooters and bikes.  To better facilitate these relationships, Digital Unity has created a centralized platform to better manage & monetize each of these relationships. 


existing or procurement of new relationships

Our platform allows cities to connect each of their existing dockless scooter and bike relationships, into one place, to more easily manage and monitor performance.  Alternatively, if your city is looking to find the perfect partner to provide dockless transportation, you can first establish the parameters of how you want the relationship(s) to work and then procure solution providers, with clearly outlined expectations.


Centralized management

With cities working with multiple providers, we allow the aggregation of each relationship into one platform for simplified management. 

apply parameters & monitor relationships

With new technology, comes new ways to manage how relationships need to work.  Our platform allows cities to monitor:

  • How many scooters/bikes are present in the city
  • Apply times that each company can operate
  • Designate where scooters can be parked
  • Ability to issue citations to improperly parked scooters

accountability & Transparency

To make sure that each tech partner is following the pre-determined parameters set by the city, Digital Unity automatically monitors the rules established for each company, along with providing regular audits. This gives cities peace of mind to make sure that they are being properly compensated and that each tech company is abiding by the guidelines established.

additional monetization opportunities

Cities are currently monetizing these relationships with operating permits and/or charging a cost per unit.  In addition to these fees, cities will be able to determine where scooters/bikes can be parked.  If these rules are not adhered to, our platform can automatically issue digital citations on a scooter by scooter basis, helping encourage people to responsibly park when done with their rides.